Captain Tom's
A Day on Cooper River

A little information about myself...

I have been diving the Cooper River for over twenty years, finding sharks' teeth and artifacts since I started.  Today's finds sometimes amaze me...I thought that one day it would all be gone.  But, not so.  Every tide change uncovers something new, mostly for you divers that come diving with me.  I do not get much time to dive the river anymore.  I just enjoy taking people like you diving and making sure that you find some teeth and are comfortable and have a good time.

Well, back to me...

I am a licensed Coast Guard Captain, Master, Coastwise.  I have been licensed for over 20 years, and have been carrying people diving for longer than that.  You will not and can not find a Captain with more Cooper River diving experience than myself.  I run two trips daily on the weekends, year round.  And of course I can be chartered on weekdays with enough advance notice.  I am a fully insured PADI divemaster.  My boat is fully insured for charter operations by the Hartford Insurance Company.  If you wish, I can supply you with a certificate of insurance for your group or shop, if need be.  I also carry a DAN first aid kit and oxygen on board.  I am a certified DAN Oxygen Provider and certified Medic First Aid by PADI.  I also have all of the required Coast Guard Safety equipment on board, as well a VHF Marine radio and cellular phone.

I hope that this has answered some of your legal questions...If it has me and I will certainly try to get your answer in a timely manner and to your satisfaction.

Here lately there have been a lot of persons claiming to be "Experts" at diving the Cooper River.  Ask them how long have they been diving the river, ask them how long have they been in business, ask them to see some proof (pictures of the finds, etc).  One guy claims to find 50 pounds of teeth per dive.  I say it is impossible.  Just be sure you know who you are diving with before you go.  Be sure to get references, just ask me and I will send you the names and email addresses of some of the people that are pictured on my site.  You will not be disappointed with my service, nor will you be disappointed with your Cooper River experience with me.  

I hope to see you in the river, soon,

Capt Tom





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